Our mission is simple, to create original, beautiful and functional objects that accentuate and add life to all types of spaces for people to live and interact.

                                                Founders Keir & Asha 

Origin Story

In 2010 Angus & Celeste founders Keir Angus MacDonald and Asha Celeste Cato visualised a brand that revelled in all the colour and wonder of the natural world. With a love of eclectic objects, they set out to create their own style of fascinating and highly crafted ceramics. The Angus & Celeste brand was thus founded with this clear guiding principle.

Through the addition of inspiring and crafted objects, we can enhance the personality and liveability of our home and work environments.

Angus & Celeste is a brand synonymous with quality and individuality, and strives to make objects that are both functional and useful in daily life. Working from the values of originality, sustainability and appreciation, the company is dedicated to creating ‘Modern Collectables’ that are timeless in their aesthetic and made to last.

Angus and Celeste have completed commissions for the Australian government for presentation to numerous international dignitaries; our designs have been gifted into the homes and lives of ceramic lovers around the world.

Design Process

Our style is driven by a love of bright, nature-inspired imagery contrasted by the use of rich earthy tones on both intricate and simplistic forms. Even in our most minimal designs, mother-nature still meets us at the design table.

Drawing upon art school roots combined with a clean and orderly edge, Angus & Celeste employ an array of techniques such as botanical photography, 3D rendering, hand-built ceramic forms, screen-printing, plaster turning and painting techniques.

The Angus & Celeste collections meld artistic practice, traditional craft techniques and modern design technologies into a unique fusion. The end result is a timeless but recognisably contemporary product range, with a distinctly Australian feel.

Inspired by the ceramic traditions of Europe and Asia, Angus & Celeste create classic collectible items and daring contemporary ceramic objects.

Fifteen Trees Baby Tree Planting

Giving Back

Angus & Celeste donates a percentage from every purchase made through our online store to the Fifteen Trees social change initiative.

Fifteen trees are a Victorian carbon offset company which helps to reduce carbon footprints by organising the planting of trees in rural Australia. The trees planted help to collect greenhouse emissions by creating green corridors, as well as provide native wildlife with new habitats. They also assist in the reversal of the effects of erosion and directly help our rural communities and environment.

It’s a physical, tangible way to bring about change, not to mention the pleasure of seeing trees going into the ground and growing for the future.

Angus & Celeste along with the donations from our customers continue to be proud and responsible for the planting of thousands of trees in rural areas around Australia.

Fifteen Trees Tree Planting

Thanks to the community groups who do the hard work preparing the ground, planting the trees, protecting them and keeping an eye on them for those first crucial years…



At Angus & Celeste, originality and creativity are at the core of our brand. All Angus & Celeste designs are developed in house and are completely unique. In an increasingly fast paced world with a ‘quick release’ mentality, we aim to create products that are considered and thoughtful in their design and well crafted in their production. Angus & Celeste will always move boldly into new terrain to design and create products that are thoughtful, useful in their purpose and courageous in their design.


The Angus & Celeste brand of design demands ethical, intimate and hands-on relationships throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. We have developed close and personal partnerships with each of our local and international potteries that produce the Angus & Celeste trademark product range. Each part of the production process is closely and personally overseen. We have a deep appreciation for the level of care, dedication and skill required to make each unique design a reality.


We have a deep felt gratitude for the many bizarre materials and resources that our beautiful planet provides to create our ceramic objects. We acknowledge all those artists who came before us, who imbued the history of ceramics and design with their innovation, alchemy and visionary experimentation. These pioneers gave us the tools to bring our unique style of creativity to the living spaces of people today. Ceramics is one of the oldest human endeavours. We are humbled to be a continuation of this wonderful, tactile tradition.

Our Partners

A business is built on a foundation of likeminded individuals working together to realise a vision.

We admire the endeavour and commitment of all our staff members and our partner producers who form our valuable team and create our greater business family.

Each contributes to and enriches our brands story. We acknowledge the work of all those who transport our products from our Melbourne warehouse to your doorstep. We also give thanks to all of our colourful customers who help us to achieve our vision of a more natural and brighter world. All of these wonderful people are integral to the success of the Angus & Celeste brand.