About Us

From humble beginnings in 2005 Angus & Celeste have grown to become a ceramic design brand synonymous with quality and individuality.
Their creations meld art practice, traditional craft techniques and modern design technologies into a unique fusion. The end result is a timeless but recognisably modern product range, with a distinctly Australian feel. Inspired by the ceramic traditions of both Europe and Asia, A&C create classic collectable items and daring contemporary ceramic objects.

Design duo Keir Mac Donald and Asha Cato are based in Melbourne Australia. They draw upon their training in sculpture, printmaking and ceramics to create objects that are both functional and beautiful. All of the original master forms, prototypes and decorations are developed in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges studio. A&C ethically produce their product range both in-house and in collaboration with local and international potteries, to realise their creations to the highest technical and artistic standards. The designers are connected to every stage of the production process, to oversee and ensure, that the end result is imbued with the spirit and soul worthy of the Angus & Celeste stamp.

Characterised by bright exuberant colour, A&C products draw much inspiration from the natural world. Organic shapes are coupled with botanic and narrative decorations that have fondly become A&C trademarks. 

Angus & Celeste have completed commissions for the Australian government for presentation to numerous international dignitaries and has been gifted into the homes and lives of ceramic lovers around the world.

Timeless in the aesthetic and made to last, Angus & Celeste strive to create 'Modern Collectables'.