Our Design Aesthetic

Angus and Celeste Asha and Keir Design Process

Our style is driven by a love of bright, nature inspired imagery contrasted by the use of rich earthy tones on both intricate and simplistic forms. Even in our most minimal designs, mother-nature still meets us at the design table.

The Angus & Celeste design aesthetic is one of many layers. There are two sides to a complete design, firstly the form and shape, and then secondly the finish that completes the piece. Sometimes nothing more than a subtle glaze is needed to perfect a design, at other times a rich and detailed illustration will adorn.

Drawing upon art school roots combined with a clean and orderly edge, Angus & Celeste employ an array of techniques such as botanical photography, 3D rendering, hand built ceramic forms, screen-printing, plaster turning and painting techniques.

One day the design process can be a pleasant walk through a field of daisies, the next a heated battle!

The masterful art of mould making is integral to the ceramics trade.

A mould might be completely symmetrical and only one piece, or it may be more complicated and have up to 5 pieces. Some are big and some small. Plaster allows an original shape to be crystallised forever, capturing every detail.

The design process can evolve and change like a game of Chinese whispers.

At times, an imaginative idea must be put through a number of well thought out and rigorous reality filters before it is able to be resolved. It begins with an artistic ideal and then experimentation reveals what its final product will look like.

The Angus & Celeste collections meld artistic practice, traditional craft techniques and modern design technologies into a unique fusion. The end result is a timeless but recognisably contemporary product range, with a distinctly Australian feel.

Inspired by the ceramic traditions of Europe and Asia, Angus & Celeste create classic collectable items and daring contemporary ceramic objects.