Meet The Oh So Stylish OhJoy!

Meet The Oh So Stylish OhJoy!

Angus & Celeste Blog
March, 2021

Looking for an endless source of colour and style? We’ve found the answer!

We reached out to the Founder and Creative Director of OhJoy to ask a few questions about her latest project. The talented founder and creative director Joy Cho is responsible for creating multiple collections from home decor to pets.

Based in Los Angeles, Joy collaborates with brands such as Target, Band-aid, Calpak, Petco and Keds to design unique ranges reminiscent of her own personal style. 

Joy during in her newly revealed Dining Room. Featuring Raw Earth Plant Stand Pot.
Image by Bethany Nauert.

Her latest project is her home renovation that features a few key A&C pieces! We have been eagerly waiting as she reveals room by room to see what we can spot!

We are overwhelmed with joy (couldn’t help ourselves) to not only have our pieces feature in her home but also to have had the opportunity to ask a few questions of our very own.

After all she has been titled one of ‘Time’s Most Influential People on the Internet’ for two consecutive years now! 

What we wanted to know:

Joy’s Lounge Room with a built in study nook. Styled with a A&C Raw Earth Plant Stand Pot.
Image by Bethany Nauert.

You mention that your house was designed to maximise the indoor and outdoor flow from the yard to the main living spaces.

What’s your favourite tip for bringing the outdoors in?

We are not surprised that Joy’s House Reveal features in Home Beautiful. Image by Bethany Nauert.

Plants for sure! In my previous apartment we living for 10 years, I had zero plants…except for the occasional bouquet of flowers (or succulents that I somehow couldn’t keep alive).

But with a new space and wanting to bring more texture and life to it, I ended up bringing in over 25 plants into my house! I didn’t make plants a priority before but they quickly became my new obsession when we moved into our new house in 2020 (the year the world came to a halt and we were home ALL the time!).

The Dining Room beautifully designed in a warm colour palette with layered textures.
Image by Bethany Nauert.

I always like to add a mix of plants in a variety of heights to add colour and texture for an even livelier space!

Image by Bethany Nauert.

Your study nook is the perfect mix of function and beauty. We love your beautiful curation of collected wares.

Do you consider plants to be a necessity when creating a display such as this?

Absolutely. I didn’t realise how much they added to my space until I began to add them in slowly but surely. Each plant has it’s own shape, colour, and personality.

I spent a lot of time initially placing them and also moving them around until everyone landed in their proper spot in our home!

If you spoke to me a year ago about houseplants, I would have told you that I couldn’t keep ONE alive. 

Image by @ohjoy

Joy now considers herself to be a plant lady. Her blogs feature some great tips to help even the most doubtful plant owners. You can see them here!

If you want to keep up with OhJoy’s inspirational journey, we recommend following her Pinterest page – she has 14 million followers and counting…