Five Holes Plant (Monstera Adansonii)

Five Holes Plant (Monstera Adansonii)

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March, 2019
Check out those leaves! Image features our Riverstone Hanging Planter in White Half Moon.

Just look at that striking foliage! Known as the Five Holes or Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera adansonii (pronounced mon-STER-a add-AN-saw-NEEE) is a tropical ornamental plant known for its eye-catching leaves and its love of climbing.

Larger leaves grow when the plant has perfect growing conditions, including light and humidity levels. Image features our Riverstone Hanging Planter in White Splash.

Native to Mexico, and Central and South America, there are 41 species of the Five Holes Plant. With their deep-green perforated leaves and vine-like aerial roots, the Five Holes Plant is a striking addition to any plant collector’s collection.

The Five Holes Plant needs plenty of attention and is recommended for intermediate to expert gardeners.

Some Adansonii have larger holes, some have smaller! They’re all a part of the same family, but can be different species. Image from The Spruce.

Environment & Temperature:

The closer you can mimic the plant’s natural environment the better. These plants hail from the deep-jungle, so they love high humidity, moisture and high temperatures. Choose well-lit, warm and humid spaces – bathrooms and kitchens work well. High humidity is the key. Keep your plant’s soil moist throughout the spring and summer time, and cut back on the watering during winter. Try to keep the temperature continuously above 15 degrees Celsius.

Growing up or hanging down? Perfect for either direction! Image features our Riverstone Hanging Planter in White Splash.

Fertiliser & Soil:

Use a very well drained potting mix along with plenty of perlite (volcanic glass with a high water content). Feed with liquid fertiliser during the growing season on a regular basis.

Pruning & Propagation:

The Five Holes Plant is a vining plant, so be prepared for long runners to be sent out by the plant. If required, you can cut back any vine as little or as much as you like. New growth will resume from the pruning cut. And what’s even better, the pruned cuttings will root easily in water or in a small pot filled with damp potting mix.

Water propagation of the Monstera Adansonii is super easy! Image from Zen Succulent via Folia Collective.

A quick word of warning: Monstera plants are toxic to animals, so please make sure to put them where your beloved pets can’t eat the leaves. Symptoms include irritation, mouth swelling, excessive drooling, vomiting, and difficulties swallowing.

A close up of the leaves of the Adansonii, and the nodes or aerial roots that you can use to grow new plants. Image features our Riverstone Hanging Planter in White Splash.

Did you know?

The Five Holes Plant has been used in medicines as a stimulant, narcotic, diuretic, purgative, and an emmenagogue. An interesting fact, but we’d stick to growing these plants simply for their beauty.