Sea Shepherd x Angus & Celeste Collaboration

October 23, 2019
Sea Shepherd Ceramics by Angus & Celeste

We here at Angus & Celeste are immense fans of Sea Shepherd and are humbled by their sacrifice. We are blown away by their bravery and unrelenting courage in the name of protecting our oceans and all their marvellous creatures.

With our oceans under threat, we believe that Sea Shepherd would have to be one of the most valuable environmental groups on the planet.

Shark finning, turtle egg poaching, unregulated fishing, dolphins in nets, illegal whaling, marine debris, coral reefs in trouble, there’s no doubt that a vigorous defence is required. Often Governments lack the funding orΒ willΒ to protect their own waters adequately, let alone oceans in other parts of the globe. So it falls to private groups such as Sea Shepherd to step in and step up.

The Sea Shepherd Ship, Steve Irwin. Photo: Time Watters/Sea Shepherd
The Sea Shepherd Ship, Steve Irwin. Photo: Time Watters/Sea Shepherd

We could talk about this crew all day. Sea Shepherd appeals to the child inside you that says, “NO! Why should these things happen?” Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, has dedicated his life to marine conservation, and this kind of heroic passion and commitment are in short supply these days. His crusade, along with the Sea Shepherd volunteers, has seen some unbelievable feats of bravery in battle.

The Sea Shepherd Ship, Steve Irwin. Photo: Time Watters/Sea Shepherd
Photo: Eliza Muirhead/Sea Shepherd

We were approached this year (2019) by the head of fundraising for the Sea Shepherd’s Ocean Defence Tour in Brisbane, to create something for their annual auction. We didn’t need our arm twisted to help raise funds for such an amazing cause!

Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd plates.
Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd Plates

We made a selection of ceramic shapes, some survived in the kiln, others didn’t. We had a good time creating them.

The main piece was hand-built by Keir and was informed by ideas surrounding ‘connectedness.’

The world ocean is our communal swimming pool. Things that happen to our waters on the other side of the globe reverberate back to our shores eventually. The connected vase shape is also reminiscent of tubular corals. The vase’s playful dual openings are brought together with a soft sweeping curve like the bow of a boat rising and falling in the swell.

Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd Collaboration
Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd Vase
Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd Vase close up.

The plates we designed are made from a wonderfully tactile clay body that carries the quality, feel, and colour of beach sand.

The undersides of the plates are embossed with a pattern that represents plankton and miniature air bubbles. Blue was chosen to represent the water and also draw upon historical blue and white ceramics.

Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd Vase

Asha’s blue and white painting features jellyfish, whales, hammerhead sharks, turtles, and tiny schools of fish. The powerful words of the Sea Shepherd mission statement ‘Defend, Conserve, Protect are also included among the stylised waves that rise from the base of the form. The skull and crossbones of the Sea Shepherd logo excite us, as this distinct logo represents them so accurately for the hero sea pirates that they are!

Angus & Celeste x Sea Shepherd Collaboration Ceramic Plates

To understand why fundraising for Sea Shepherd is so essential, please read the below article. The accompanying footage still gives us goosebumps!

A documentary about Sea Shepherd called Defend Conserve Protect was released this year. The trailer can be seen here:


  1. Leanne says:

    Are you going to make a run of the plates and vase as well or is it only for auction?
    I’m interested in the vase.
    Thank you

    • Angus & Celeste says:

      Hi Leanne,

      Thanks so much for leaving us a comment πŸ™‚

      These ones were made just for the fundraiser, but we have passed along the feedback & fingers crossed one day they might appear on an A&C design.

  2. Joy says:

    I second that. One small way I can show support for Sea Shepherd and have something beautiful as well. I am sure there are others who would agree. A conversation starter over a meal.

    • Angus & Celeste says:

      Hi Joy,
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment πŸ™‚
      We totally agree – what a great conversation starter over a meal.
      Great to hear you like the design – we’ll be sure to pass on your feedback too.
      Keep your eyes peeled for a design in the future hopefully!

  3. Inga Young says:

    I third it. I would love a vase.

  4. Anna says:

    I would love to see a Sea Shepherd ceramic set for sale too – beautiful!

    • Angus & Celeste says:

      Thank you Anna! We’ll be sure to pass it along and hopefully one day in the near future we’ll have something available. It’s been so lovely to see such a positive response from everyone and it’s great to support such a worthy cause πŸ™‚

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