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Got a particular space with a tall ceiling? Or simply need more length than the extender length that comes in the cable pack set? Our Extender Cables are a suitable gauge steel to support both our small and larger sized hanging bowls.

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Each hanging planter comes with a complete cable pack that includes one single extension cord strand, along with the 3 cable Hangers that support the bowl. Depending on your space and ceiling height, you may need more length than the included extender length that comes in the pack set.

Our 1000mm and 1500 mm Extender Cables are a suitable gauge steel to support both our small and larger sized hanging bowls and designed to connect to any of our cable sets by attaching to the split ring or carabiner clip.

The following tips will help you use your Extender Cable safely.

• Our Extender Cables are designed to be used with Angus & Celeste Cable Sets.

• Extender Cable can easily be looped over in half, if you only require half the length.

• Extender Cables can be installed with ease into exposed timber or stud work underneath plaster ceilings. Use a sturdy galvanised nail or metal threaded timber screw hook, easily obtained at your local hardware store.

• Should tea staining or minor rusting occur, use an organic solvent to clean with a soft brush. Rinse well and dry

• If using outdoors, avoid hanging in ultra-windy environments such as high-rise apartments or verandas where the planter might be likely to swing/move in the air for long periods of time.

• Make sure that should a planter swing/move, that it cannot come into contact with any surrounding walls, posts, or other objects in the environment.

• In choosing to install hanging planters in outdoor coastal environments, please note that the cable system will not last as long as those hung in protected indoor spaces. Naturally occurring salt in the seaside air will corrode cables quicker.

• We accept no responsibility for poor hanging solutions, weak hooks, rusty nails or inadequate installation.

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