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A soft edged, sculpted form finished with a delicate speckle glaze. The Angus & Celeste Cube Vase has curved, rounded edges with a generous opening to showcase all types of flowers and foliage. Each surface design has been originally hand-drawn and painted in our Melbourne studio and then carefully printed in bright ceramic pigments. Handmade in Australia in small batches, these vases are crafted in stoneware clay and are glazed inside and out with an enduring soft speckled finish.

Australian Wildflowers
The design for the ‘Australian Wildflowers’ Cube Vase was inspired by the Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller, the first official Government Botanist in Victoria (1853-1896) and the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne (1857-1873). He also founded the National Herbarium of Victoria. Von Mueller is known as the greatest Australian botanist of the nineteenth century and also lived for a time in the gardener’s cottage within the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. During this time, Mueller advertised in many newspapers for plant collectors, many of those who responded were women who were avid plant and flower illustrators and who contributed to the emerging science of botany as well as botanical illustration.
The ‘Australian Wildflowers’ vase is a colourful tribute to these early Australian botanical paintings. Each face of the vase features a variety of different flowers including billy buttons, everlasting daisy, matchstick banksia, wattle, sturt desert peas, grevillea, blue lady orchids, bottle brush, native fuchsias and kangaroo paw together comprising the colourful meandering pattern.

Eucalyptus Seed Pods
The intricate ‘Eucalyptus Seed Pods’ design is line drawn from dried gum nuts, capturing the details of the hollow, spherical pods in a warm rusty burnt ochre tone.
Eucalyptus seed pods are an interesting Australian botanical miracle – after Eucalypts flower, the pods or seed capsules develop in place of the spent flowers. Some Eucalyptus trees can hold seeds inside these pods for up to a year! When Eucalyptus pods are dried they turn dark shades of brown and become very strong and woody. A deep look into the pattern of this vase will reveal the finely drawn, repeated lines that accentuate the spherical shape of the pods.

Red Box Gum
The design for the ‘Red Box Gum’ Cube Vase was carefully painted from the leaves of the Red Box Eucalyptus or Eucalyptus polyanthemos. An iconic Australian Eucalyptus, native to eastern Australia, it is known for its broad circular leaves that are uniquely shaped by comparison to most other Australian Eucalyptus species. The leaves are often a unique silvery grey colour and are commonly referred to as the silver-dollar gum.
The Red Box Gum tree is absolutely a favourite of ours at Angus & Celeste, not only because their flowers make great tasting honey, but because they are a sight to behold growing prolifically throughout the Nillumbik shire in Victoria along the banks of the Birrarung (Yarra River).

Old Man Banksia
The design for the ‘Old Man Banksia’ Cube Vase is printed in a gorgeous premium gold lustre. Inspired by and carefully drawn from the Banksia serrata, commonly known as the Saw Tooth Banksia. This particular variety of banksia is native to many regions of Australia, including the east coast of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and is even found on Flinders Island!
The ‘Old Man Banksia’ design captures the distinctive flower spikes and woody seed pods that appear in Autumn, Spring and Summer. Growing in sandy soil with gnarly trunks, ‘Old Man Banksias’ are reminiscent of childhood holidays at the beach with Honeyeaters and native birds finding a food source in their nectar. Elegant yet playful, the shimmering gold accents in this vase will elevate any floral arrangement.

What’s included?
• High-fired glazed stoneware vase
• Gift-boxed

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Our Vases are durable and easy to care for.

• Wipe clean with a damp sponge

• Dishwasher safe

• Remove interior flower stains with scouring pad

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