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Our Macro Botanics vase collection celebrates some of Australia’s botanical champions in trademark Angus & Celeste style. Made in Australia, this signature collection combines an elegantly soft form vase with bright botanical imagery to create a distinctly Australian object. A small sized opening allows for easy use as a bud vase or striking ikebana style floral arrangements.

Glazed in our milky speckled glaze this standalone vase is to be treasured. Decorated by hand, this vase is an ideal gift. Perfect for single stemmed flowers, these botanical vases bring a taste of Australia when placed on bed side or coffee tables, and are perfect in bathrooms or for shelf arrangements. These vessels style well as a focal point in minimal interiors or just as easily in a vibrant ceramic collector’s home.

Golden Glow Wattle
Our Golden Glow Wattle Macro Botanics vase features the Acacia cultriformis. The Acacia family is a true hero of Australian plants and this particular wattle variety is known for its grey-green foliage and distinctive triangular shaped leaf. Its cascading, bright yellow flowers bloom in globular-shaped clusters, coming to life in spring!

Geraldton Wax
Our Geraldton Wax Macro Botanics vase features the Chamelaucium uncinatum that comes into bloom in winter and spring with an enormous display of fragrant blooms that bees, butterflies and other insects rejoice in! Geraldton Wax is one of the most well-known Australian wildflowers, an evergreen shrub that has fine narrow foliage with waxy flowers that are circular in shape. These eye-catching flowers bloom in whites, pinks and purples.

Coastal Banksia
Our Coastal Banksia Macro Botanics vase features the Banksia integrifolia. Coastal Banksias have distinctive silver-white undersides to the leaves, which are revealed when the coastal breezes blow. Coastal Banksias bloom with an abundance of nectar rich flowers that attract birds and bees. Banksia integrifolia was one of the four original Banksia species that were collected by naturalist Sir Joseph Banks. This iconic banksia flower spike is made up of several hundred flowers densely packed in a spiral shaped cone around a woody axis.

Silver Princess Gum
Our Silver Princess Gum Macro Botanics vase features the Eucalyptus Caesia. It is known for its stunning display of showy pink to red flowers with yellow tips, its silvery-white powdery nuts and stunning weeping branches.
The Silver Princess is often referred to as the beauty queen of the eucalyptus family. Possibly one of the most loved flowering gums, this West Coast native is often the centrepiece of many front yard gardens across Australia. An Angus & Celeste favourite, this tree is stunning both in and out of flower! We love it for its big silvery bell-like gumnuts, its long slender bluish grey hanging leaves, its weeping branches and beautiful curling bark.

Gumnut Star
Our Gumnut Star Macro Botanics vase features the dried gumnuts of the Eucalyptus caesia after the flowers have fallen off. Gumnuts in Australian Eucalypts show great diversity in form and size throughout the different species. The eucalyptus nuts featured here are captured in their hardened mature state, when the nuts turn shades of dark grey and browns.
In many species, an inner-circle shape becomes more pronounced as the pod dries and from within it a beautiful star shape emerges. We love that this remarkable star shape can be found in nature’s amazing geometry!

Hairpin Banksia
Our Hairpin Banksia Macro Botanics vase features the incredible flower of the Banksia spinulosa. This banksia variety is often affectionately referred to as ‘bush candles’ and is a great source of nectar for visiting birds such as honeyeaters.
This marvellous Banksia produces an abundance of large golden flowers and brown stamens during autumn and winter. These showy flowers are set amongst contrasting leathery dark green foliage.

Grevillea Elegance
Our Grevillea Elegance Macro Botanics vase features the incredible flowerheads of this hybrid of Grevillea, longistyla and G.johnsonii. As the name suggests, the Grevillea Elegance sure knows how to put on a spectacular show. The large, dancing blooms are a deep luscious pink with hints of orange, and are a favourite destination for hungry wattle birds.

Grevillea Apricot Charm
Our Grevillea Apricot Charm Macro Botanics vase features the delicate blooms of the Grevillea hybrida cultivar, Apricot Charm. This Grevillea is known for its glossy green leaves and pendulous apricot coloured flowers. Appearing to ‘drip’ from weeping branches, these blooms are a fountain of delight! With spidery-like flowers that are extremely attractive to rainbow lorikeet birds, what’s not to love?!

What’s included?
• High-fired glazed stoneware vase
• Gift-boxed

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Our Vases are durable and easy to care for.

• Wipe clean with a damp sponge

• Dishwasher safe

• Remove interior flower stains with scouring pad

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