‘Tis the Iced Tea Season

‘Tis the Iced Tea Season

Angus & Celeste Blog
December, 2020

Here at A&C we love having a good iced tea to share amongst family and friends during the holiday season. If you are looking for a super easy and improved way to hydrate…look no further.

We have compiled our favourite A&C Iced Tea brews just for you. We have already started making ours this week and cannot wait for the iced tea drinking to begin!

Our Ceramic Tumblers Sets make the perfect iced tea vessels! Captured by @nina.c.sees

Let’s face it, tea is always best when someone else makes it for you. Treat your friends and family to a signature A&C iced cold delight over the break. A mixture of iced teas are always on standby at our house. They are a fantastic offering for unexpected guests. A great way to impress visitors and utilise those leftover teas of yours.

For all those jar hoarders out there (you know who you are) here is a great justification for your collecting habits. We begin our making process by collecting our beloved mason jars

The next step is to rummage through all your odd teas and begin repurposing them.

Here comes the fun part! Segment your teas into satisfying flavour options. Our favourite infusions options include:

– A Zesty Lemon Blend
– A Refreshing Peppermint Twist
– A Caffeine Free Chai Rooibos Tea (perfect for the kids. They tend to love a dash of milk too)

Place the teas in the mason jars and fill with boiling water. Remove the tea bags and or loose leaves after waiting for them to cool.

Infuse to your desired strength (remember tea can go bitter if it is left for too long).

Place the lid on and refrigerate until needed. Each brew will last up to a week in the fridge (provided there is no milk content).

When ready to use, pour over a generous amount ice and serve with fresh cut fruit. 

Feeling extra creative? Our favourite additions include cinnamon sticks and fresh mint. If you have a sweeter tooth we recommend adding some local honey to the mix!

A simple and easy way to make drinking water a treat in the comfort of your home. Plus your friends are bound to consider you to be an entertaining wiz.

Don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy – you deserve it!