Welcome to the Angus & Celeste Blog!

Welcome to the Angus & Celeste Blog!

Angus & Celeste Blog
January, 2019

Welcome to the brand new Angus & Celeste Blog. On our Blog, you’ll find a whole range of content that we know will be of interest to you, our colourful people!

Let’s explore this world together. Image via Urban List.

A decade ago we here at A & C planted a seed. A seed is a small thing, but even from the smallest seeds grow the most exquisite trees. With care, the seed we planted has now grown into a place of colour, creativity, joy and sustainability for all to enjoy. As we continue to grow, we hope to provide you with content via our blog that will help you grow along with us.

We want to welcome you with a posey of flowers! Image features our Floral Forager Tumbler.

Over the years of growth we have met many wonderful people who have helped us tend the A & C seed, and formed the branches that support our business. Through our blog, we will introduce them all to you. We’ll be bringing you interviews with all these interesting folks, as well as providing you with plant guide info to help you care for your plants, and a wide range of blogs from a variety of interesting voices.

We want to share our findings and stories with you, our colourful people. If there’s one thing we know is true, it’s that “Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.” – John Harrigan

Image from Judith via our Interview with her.