Here’s a list of our most asked Hanging Planter questions. Please reach out to us if you can’t find your answer!

  • How do I care for my hanging planter?

    Here are our top tips for looking after your hanging planter.

    Watering care: Rest assured that all plants potted into Angus & Celeste hanging planters can be watered like any other potted plant. You can water sparingly with the plug kept in the base, or alternatively the plug can be removed to let a larger volume of water flow through the soil and drain out of the base hole. The plug needs to be repositioned after the water has drained. Please keep in mind that excessive watering, combined with some potting mixes, can trap salts in the cables. This is due to the fertilisers or minerals that can be present in the soil and as a result may contribute to some corrosion. We recommend filling your bowl with high quality potting mix to a level slightly below the rim of the bowl. This will avoid the cables sitting in damp soil, which may accelerate corrosion of the steel. Should tea staining or minor rusting occur, use an organic solvent to clean with a soft brush. Rinse well and dry. 

    Outdoor care: We recommend that you avoid hanging your planter in ultra-windy environments such as high-rise apartments or verandas where the planter might be likely to swing/move in the air for long periods of time. Make sure that should your planter swing or move a little, that it doesn’t make contact with any surrounding walls, posts, or other objects in the environment.

    Coastal living care: Be mindful that when choosing to install hanging planters in outdoor coastal environments, the cable system may need to be updated at some stage during its life span outside. Naturally occurring salts in the seaside air contributes to some rust in the cables over time. You can update your cable sets easily in the accessories section of this website, to keep your planter hanging safely.

  • Are the hanging planters and drainage plugs included?

    Absolutely! Each hanging planter design comes complete with a specifically designed cabling system. We thoroughly load test each hanging cable system to sufficiently accommodate for the weight of the soil, plant and water. A rubber plug is also included for drip-free indoor use and to keep in all that watery goodness.

  • Are your product suitable for outdoors?

    Yes, they are! All our planters are high fired to ensure that they are durable for outdoor use.  All Angus & Celeste’s glazed, and stained porcelain planters, are non-porous and able to be used outside. 

  • Can I extend my hanging planter?

    Each hanging planter comes with a complete cable pack that includes one single extension cord strand, along with the 3 cables that support the bowl. Using the extender is optional depending on your space and ceiling height. It may not be essential for you to use this extension cable if you have a low ceiling. It can also be halved and looped over if you only require half the length. Alternatively, if you have a very tall ceiling, you may need more length than the extender height that comes in the pack set. If this is the case in your situation, we have two single extension lengths that are sold separately through this website. Explore your options here. Our extender cables are a suitable gauge steel to support both our small and larger sized hanging bowls.

  • How do I clean the matte surface?

    The easiest way to clean our matt ceramics is by using a damp, fibre free sponge. We use regular, kitchen foam sponges. Allow the ceramic to completely dry before wiping away any excess fibres with some butcher’s paper or a white towel. For stubborn marks, you can also sand the area with some fine-gritted sandpaper and repeat the process above. This will most certainly do the trick! All our pots can also be safely put through a regular dishwasher cycle.

  • Do you sell plug and hanger replacements?

    Yes! We offer replacement plug packs and cable sets to prolong the life of your planter. These are available in the accessories’ section of this website and can be found here If you are considering alternative hanger lengths to suit your space or to update your cable system, please ensure that the cable system you choose is suitable to support the weight of your specific hanging planter design. Please note that our large sized planters are only to be used with packs D, E and F. These are made with thicker gauge steel, to accommodate the extra weight of the large sized bowl. Smaller sized hanging bowl designs work best with cable packs B and C. If you are unsure about this, please speak with one of our friendly team.

  • Can I plant directly into my planter?

    You sure can, in fact we encourage it! Our hanging planters are designed to have plants potted directly into the non-porous ceramic bowl. The bowl is strong and high-fired and can handle direct contact with water and all types of soil. The drainage hole and plug allow for indoor use. If hanging outside, we recommend leaving it to drain freely without the plug. It is advisable to fill your bowl with high quality potting mix to a level slightly below the rim. This will avoid the cables sitting in damp soil, which may accelerate the corrosion of the steel.

  • How do I hang my hanging planter?

    Hanging planters can be installed with ease into exposed timber and plaster ceilings. If you choose to hang your planter from a plaster ceiling, make sure to use a stud finder to locate the stud underneath the plaster. This will ensure the hanging bowl is secure, and not just being held by the plaster. Once a stud is found, drill a small hole and screw in a threaded metal hook. Stud finders, threaded metal hooks, plaster and masonry plugs are all readily available at your local hardware store. If you are unsure about hanging an A&C planter safely, we advise contacting a professional (such as your local builder) to ensure your planter is securely installed. Angus & Celeste unfortunately cannot accept responsibility for poor hanging solutions, weak hooks, rusty nails, or inadequate installation.