Here’s a list of our most asked Tableware questions. Please reach out to us if you can’t find your answer!

  • Can the tumblers be used as vases?

    Good idea! Check out our Instagram feed for lots of inspiration! Tumblers can easily be used as a compact flower vase and can be ideal for the bathroom or beside your bed!

  • Can the tumblers be used for hot beverages?

    Angus & Celeste tumblers can be used for liquids of all temperatures, so get creative with icy cold drinks in summer and hot kettle drinks in winter! The tumblers are also dishwasher and microwave safe. 

  • Can I mix mug designs and receive the bundle discount?

    Our mug sets come pre-packaged in a set of two cups. The bundle discount only applies to a set of two in a particular design/colour as shown in the product images. If you wish to mix designs, to have multiple colours in your cupboard, then we recommend buying 2 different sets. 

  • Can I place my Australian Botanicals tableware in the oven?

    You certainly can. The high-fired stoneware can withstand oven temperatures.  Please be careful however to not place extremely hot plates directly from the oven into very cold water. This can lead to cracking from thermal shock. Please note we do not recommend placing other tableware ranges in the oven.

  • Is your tableware microwave and dishwasher safe?

    Definitely! All our tableware is designed and made to be both dishwasher and microwave safe.